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Get DSL Internet

What is DSL?

Internet speeds and availability can be confusing. We don’t expect you to understand the technicalities, but want you to know the details. DSL is internet provided through a digital subscriber line. It uses the same wires as a telephone line, but works within the frequencies that your telephone doesn’t and enables you to connect to both the internet and use the phone at the same time. It offers a higher rate of speed than a standard dial-up modem and can use the phone line connection you already have.

Our high speed DSL service gives you a dedicated access line to the internet directly from our office to your home. Shared internet is slow internet. While cable companies make you share your connections, our dedicated DSL service package provides you and your family with your own network.


Our DSL package is significantly faster than dial-up and more reliable than other cable internet providers. With our service, your connection remains fast, even during peak usage hours. We keep you streaming (buffer-free) so you have access 24/7 to streaming services, Smart TVs, cloud storage, gaming, home security, and consistent access across your family’s range of devices – from the laptop to tablet or smartphone.