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LTE at Home

What is it? 

Our new LTE service offering is a wireless LTE-based internet with a receiver installed directly at your location. The new offering will provide a download speed of about 20 Mbps and 5 Mbps upload speed, ideal for streaming Amazon video and Netflix. 

Where is it available?  

The LTE service is presently available generally within a 9 mile radius of the tower behind Shopko in Houghton with some exceptions based on terrain. We are looking to add other locations throughout Baraga and Calumet in the future. 

What does it cost? 

The LTE service will be $49.95 per month. We’ll complete the signal check and the standard installation free of charge! Call our office to see if our LTE service is the right fit for you! 

Can I get service? 

Check out the map to see if you are located in the circle. If you are, please contact us and we’ll send out a technician to confirm signal strength. If the signal strength is sound, our technician will complete the standard installation, which includes an antenna, a mounting bracket, a PoE injector, and a wireless router, if one is not already present in the home. 

What if the signal strength isn’t strong enough? 

We want to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, so we will only install the equipment if the signal strength is reliably strong. If we can’t get you service by attaching the antenna directly to your house, we can look at other options, installing at higher altitudes on sheds or barns and running a cable back to the house. Our technician can discuss these options with you during the signal strength test. While we do not charge anything for our standard installation, there may be additional costs for running cable and installing off the home. 

Who owns the equipment?  

We will maintain ownership of the equipment, so should you decide to end service, we’ll schedule a time to disconnect everything.